The characteristic symptoms of arthritis and rheumatic complaints are chronic inflammatory changes in the joints, spine and connective tissue. The first symptom of these complaints is usually minor pain if the joint is stressed continually. At a much later stage the pain can be severe and the sinovial membrane - that part of the joint which also produces synovia or the fluid lubricating the joint - may become inflamed (synovitis). This can result in deficiencies in what is known as the joint lubricant; its composition and viscosity may be affected. Consequently the synovia can only partly function, which is why the joints swell and the cartilage in the joints wears out very fast, thus ultimately causing the pain.

Scientific research has shown that amino sugar (muccopolysacharide) can have an extremely positive effect on the human body. This substance regulates many bodily processes and is an important component of the joint lubricants.

The green lipped mussel (perna canalicus) from New Zealand contains a very high amount of valuable amino sugars and is thus one of the most important suppliers of building material for synovia. From these mussels are also extracted significant amounts of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. This unique mussel, only found on the shores of New Zealand, has been eaten in these regions for quite some time and has been the subject of considerable scientific research over the last few years. Nowadays there are special mussel beds where they are grown under ecological control and then dried using an environmentally harmless process.

The effect of the green lipped mussel is especially noticeable in the treatment of stiff and swollen joints, problems with the spine and age-related complaints in the joints. In addition, it can help in the treatment of inflammatory processes associated with arthritis; it seems to have a positive effect on general health in cases of asthma.

Green lipped mussel powder helps, when used regularly, to raise the level of synovia, make cartilage and slow down inflammation.





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Green Lipped Mussel
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